Deep Dive: Best Practices in Global Safety Management - 3 Sessions

June 04
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Global fleet experts will explore the latest trends in fleet safety management that are impacting wide-ranging countries around the world. This Deep Dive session will analyze safety best practices for multinational fleets that have operations in Latin America, Europe, Australasia, and North America; offering something new to anyone in attendance. It will address concerns that include harmonizing fleet policies by regions, identifying at-risk drivers, improving safety cultures, and analyzing safety policies for not only four-wheel vehicles, but also two-wheel vehicles.

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Concerto Ballroom B

3:30pm-4:00pm: Examining the Embryonic Fleet Safety Market in Asia Pacific & China
Adoption of fleet safety programs in the Asia Pacific region and China are still an emerging phenomena, but growing. Learn about the cultural challenges in managing a fleet safety program for expat drivers. How to implement a driver risk management program and what are the most appropriate safety policies for the region. In addition to discussion on the metrics to track safety performance, the session will examine effective data management strategies.
PRESENTER: Cliff Chang, Managing Director for Intact Traffic and Transport Safety Consultancy Limited in Hong Kong

4:00pm-4:30pm: Identifying the Latest Technology Trends in Fleet Safety Management
This session will examine the use of telematics and other technologies that can be employed in a fleet safety program. Examined will be the challenges in regional implementation, such as privacy legislation and worker agreements and how fleets can successfully address them. Also discussed will be the metrics to be used when adopting a technology solution for your fleet safety program.
PRESENTER: Adam Bruttell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing-North America for MiX Telematics

4:30pm-5:10pm: How to Develop a Global Approach to Fleet Safety
Managers are asked to think global but act local. However, there are strategies that fleet decision-makers can implement to provide greater global consistency to their fleet safety program. This session will examine how to implement a more global fleet safety strategy and how to develop the metrics to measure its efficacy and success.
PRESENTER: Andy Price, Director, Fleet Safety Management

5:10pm-5:30pm: Q&A for Safety Deep Dive Track