Deep Dive: Mobility Trends Across the Globe - 2 Sessions

June 04
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

New mobility solutions are changing the way fleets look at their operations and will only become more prominent moving forward, not only in North America, but in parts of the world that are in the vanguard such as Europe and Brazil. Developments such as autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing, subscription services, vehicle pools, and the emergence of mobility as a service, overall, are becoming more common place, which makes attendance essential for those interested in riding the highs of mobility in fleet and staying ahead of the curve. Experts in this session will analyze the autonomous impact (Donlen), opportunities and challenges in corporate mobility management programs (Localiza), the various developments in European fleet management (Athlon), and what full autonomy will look like (Nauto). Attendees will learn what to look out for, and how it will impact the fleet industry moving forward.

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1:00pm-2:00pm: Mobility Management from a European Perspective

Megatrends like digitalization, urbanization, and the shift from ownership to usage have been changing our landscape. We see traditional fleet management shifting to mobility management. While we know the future of mobility is filled with autonomous vehicles transporting people and drones delivering packages, the fleet manager (or rather the mobility manager) needs to start forecasting today how it will evaluate new mobility services.

The question is: how does one start? How can you manage mobility alongside managing your fleet now?

Attendees can expect to hear: 

1. How the automobile and fleet management are transforming into an integrated mobility offering
2. What is already becoming (common) practice in the area of E-mobility, Mobility Services, and Mobility Management
3. Useful tips for fleet/mobility managers on how to get started with these new services

PRESENTER: Peter Derks, Chief Commercial Officer, Athlon Car Lease International

2:00pm-3:00pm: The Autonomous Impact: Riding the Highs of Mobility in Fleet
The landscape of the North American fleet industry is constantly shifting and undergoing drastic changes – as an uncharted territory, fleet managers have the task of discovering what is here to stay, and what will soon be on its way. Understanding what mobility fleets really means as well as the impact they have on your business will be crucial to a fleet’s success now and in the future.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of on demand mobility including ride hailing, car sharing, and automotive subscription services.  In addition, we will discuss how connectivity, electric vehicles and last mile delivery fleets will lead us to a world populated with autonomous vehicles.

Attendees can expect to hear: 

1. How connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles will impact your fleet operations 
2. How emerging fleets in the on-demand mobility space are impacting new product development for fleet management companies
3. How autonomous vehicles operate in North America today

PRESENTER: John Korte, VP Mobility Business Development for Donlen