Deep Dive: Mobility Trends Across the Globe - 2 Sessions

June 04
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

New mobility solutions are changing the way fleets look at their operations and will only become more prominent moving forward, not only in North America, but in parts of the world that are in the vanguard such as Europe and Brazil. Developments such as autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing, subscription services, vehicle pools, and the emergence of mobility as a service, overall, are becoming more common place, which makes attendance essential for those interested in riding the highs of mobility in fleet and staying ahead of the curve. Experts in this session will analyze the autonomous impact (Donlen), opportunities and challenges in corporate mobility management programs (Localiza), the various developments in European fleet management (Athlon), and what full autonomy will look like (Nauto). Attendees will learn what to look out for, and how it will impact the fleet industry moving forward.

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3:30pm-4:30pm: Brazil: Opportunities & Challenges in Corporate Mobility Management Programs
Considering the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the top global markets for shared mobility, there is a lot of buzz and several initiatives in the mobility arena in Brazil affecting individuals and companies. This session is a real-world examination of both the opportunities and challenges of managing a corporate mobility program in Brazil. Here are some of the trends we’ll be covering:

•          An increase in the number of dock-less bicycles and electric scooters in the main cities of Brazil
•          A shift in thinking as many individuals are considering alternative options to car ownership
•          More companies increasing their interest for “traditional” fleet management solutions 
•          And more

PRESENTERS: Joao Andrade, Managing Director for Localiza Fleet Solutions; Gabriel Andrade, Marketing and Sales Manager for Localiza Fleet Solutions

4:30pm – 5:30pm: The Road to Full Autonomy: Not When, But How
Autonomous vehicles are expected to deliver incredibly efficient, productive, and safe commercial fleet operations. The first waves of autonomous vehicles are already being tested, and the next wave of more advanced self-driving vehicles is not too far away. Fleets are beginning to add autonomous operations, and this will only accelerate. Some of the issues that need to be solved on the road to fully autonomous operation are how to transition from personal liability to product liability coverage; managing interactions between human drivers, pedestrians, and autonomous commercial vehicles; and how cities’ vision zero goals can be achieved. Our expert presenter will describe a multi-party approach — one that involves collaboration between OEMs, technology companies, insurers, and builders — as the key to enabling full autonomy.

Attendees can expect to hear: 

  • Learn more about the current status and near-term advances in autonomous vehicle technology
  • Understand what will be required — from insurance, to infrastructure, to policies — before our fleets are truly autonomous
  • Identify the types of benefits you and your organization can expect to see with the advances of technology en route to full autonomy

PRESENTER: Jennifer Haroon, Chief Operating Officer, Nauto