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Achieving Sustainability and Social Responsibility with Future Focused Mission-Driven Remarketing Programs

October 27
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

John Possumato, Esq.
DriveItAway, Inc.

Allen Bryant
Knightsgate Ventures

Hank Venter
Bison EV LLC

Many multinationals now consider social responsibility integral to corporate mission and goals, although, outside of “carbon neutral” initiatives, however, in the past it’s been difficult to fully align fleet policy to the greater good. Now through technological innovation, there are ways innovative fleet management can achieve new benchmarks  social alignment, and substantively further these corporate goals in creative and impactful ways. This presentation will highlight a few ways corporate vehicles remarketing can take the next step in social responsibility today.


  • John Possumato, CEO, Driveitaway 
  • Allen Bryant, Partner for Knightsgate Ventures 
  • Hank Venter, Executive Chairman for Bison EV LLC