Company ESG Goals & Remarketing, Where & How Can it Work Together?

June 09
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

John Possumato, Esq.
DriveItAway, Inc.

Allen Bryant
Knightsgate Ventures

Bill Cariss
Holman Strategic Ventures

Kent Kuran
NextEra Energy Resources

Most large international companies are now focused on Environmental, Social and Governance goals as well as the traditional shareholder objectives. ESG “audits” are now becoming a reality to substantiate ESG claims. How can the fleet management contribute to ESG objectives in a productive and profitable way? Certainly running new EVs in traditional vehicle and truck fleets is one area, but as technology innovations in both product and market evolve, what else can forward thinking fleet management and fleet management companies do to further new ESG metrics?

This “Fireside Chat” panel discussion will bring together a leading venture backed fintech platform provider and automotive start-up veteran, the CEO of the venture arm of one of the largest dealer and fleet management groups in the United States, and the founding partner in a leading mission-based venture capital firm, to discuss how fleet management can go further to help achieve ESG based goals, beyond the traditional replacement of ICE with EV units in the company managed fleet.  It will delve deep into what innovators are doing today to achieve both environmental and social alignment, both within companies and bettering the broader community at large.

If there was ever a time for fleet management to think “outside the box” on achieving mission-based objectives, now is the time, and this discussion is the first of its kind in the industry to provide the information and tools from experts who are implementing these changes, and this new perspective, today.