Why Accreditation & Certification are Crucial to Successful Corporate Mobility Programs

June 06
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Axel Schäfer
Bundesverband Fuhrparkmanagement e.V. (Fleetmanagement Association Germany) // FMFE Fleet & Mobility Management Federation Europe

Marc Prinzing
Fuhrparkverband (Fleet Operators Trade Association), Germany

This informative presentation will highlight the benefits of having a recognized accreditation and certification process, and how it can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the mobility program. Overall, the presentation aims to provide valuable insights and guidance to corporate mobility professionals on the significance of accreditation and certification in achieving their business objectives.

As the lead of the non-profit FMFE (Fleet and Mobility Management Federation Europe), a  network of European fleet and mobility management Associations and organizations, Axel Schaefer will explain why a mobility accreditation and certification program is critical to ensuring the success of a corporate mobility program.