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Driving Distraction to the Curb

NoCell Technologies

Nocell Technologies was founded by a group of technology experts to make a difference in driver safety. We united with a burning desire to do something about the deadly and costly distracted driving epidemic.

We believe smartphone app prevalence and addictiveness, combined with human behavior, have drastically intensified the distracted driving problem. There are millions of commercial vehicles on U.S. roads every day—thus, a commercial-grade technology solution is necessary to overcome the problem of distracted driving. Our spirited desire and belief propel us—and enlivens our purpose and values.

We are committed to providing a proactive solution that will truly have an impact on the ever-increasing distraction of handheld devices in vehicles. Fleet managers, insurance carriers, and mobility providers now have a tool that empowers them to enforce safe driving behaviors and help stem the problem of distracted driving at the source.

Protect Your Drivers And Assets

NOCELL™ benefits companies and protects communities through decreasing vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities by minimizing smartphone and tablet distractions.

Enforce Your Safety Policy

Nocell Technologies provides the best customer-defined, application-level smartphone use policy enforcement solution that informs supervisors of non-compliance.

Commercial-grade Platform

The Nocell Technologies commercial-grade distracted driving management platform is designed for commercial fleets and government fleets of all types, as a solution that enables them to restrict the use of mobile apps by their drivers when vehicles are in motion.

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