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Solution Provider - Element

Managing 3 million vehicles in more than 50 countries worldwide

Managing 3 million vehicles in more than 50 countries and delivering harmonized products and services with customization to meet local demand, the Element-Arval Global Alliance is the worldwide leader in fleet management. We have the industry expertise, dedicated account teams, global reporting and resources to support a fleet strategy on all continents. In partnership for more than 25 years, the Element-Arval Global Alliance consists of founding partners Element in North America, Australia, and New Zealand and Arval in 30 countries across four continents, other partners include Avis Fleet in Southern Africa, Johnson & Perrott in Ireland, Fleet Partner in Serbia, Mareauto in Ecuador, RDA Renting in Argentina and Uruguay, and Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service in Japan, India, and Thailand.

Standing the test of time, you can rely on the strength of the Element-Arval Global Alliance to help you address your business challenges in any environment.



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