2023 Dates & Location Coming Soon


Now in its 10th year, Global Fleet Conference is a groundbreaking event designed exclusively for managers of the world’s largest multinational commercial fleets. This year we are launching two new conference features: our first LatAm Fleet Congress with concurrent sessions during our general session dates - with all sessions presented in Spanish-language format; and our Ride & Drive and Vehicle Showcase!

The publishers of Automotive Fleet, Work Truck proudly bring you Global Fleet Conference and LatAm Fleet Congress. Executives and managers from the world’s largest multinational commercial fleets who have global and/or regional fleet responsibilities will gather for dedicated training, networking, and education.

Over 300 participants from all over the world are expected to attend Global Fleet Conference & LatAm Fleet Congress to examine the latest thinking in global fleet management.

Our game-changing agenda focuses on case studies, so you can model your efforts on existing paradigms. This year's agenda will feature subject-specific sessions covering Safety, Technology, ESG, Vocational Fleets and Mobility. Global Fleet managers will share their personal experiences how to overcome obstacles and avoid pitfalls. Global Fleet Conference is an opportunity to meet exclusively with high-level executives from around the world in an intimate setting designed to encourage alliance-building and idea and resource exchange. You will walk away with a strengthened understanding of (and new strategies for addressing) the big picture issues that affect your operation.


Learn from esteemed experts.
Renowned fleet experts and award-winning international fleet managers will deliver their insights in a program designed by the Bobit and GlobalFleet.com teams.

2022 topics included:

  • Keynote: Surviving the Pitfalls of EV Transformation
  • Innovative Mobility Certification Program 
  • Keynote: Vehicle Acquisition Trends in Europeab Fleet Management
  • How to Successfully Launch a Connected Sales Fleet 
  • Harmonizing a Global Fleet Safety Program
  • Company ESG Goals & Remarketing: Where & How it Can Work Together 
  • How to Create an International Culture that Unites Your LatAm Fleet Team 
  • and many more!

Join us for this unique opportunity to:

  • Network with key representatives from major global fleet suppliers and OEMs.
  • Learn from peers about best practices in managing a global or multinational fleet.
  • Participate & View our Vehicles & Fleet Technologies in our Ride & Drive/Vehicle Showcase.
  • Get expert advice in supplier management to achieve global fleet objectives.
  • Connect with the best local, regional and global suppliers.

Past Locations Include:

2021 - Miami, Florida
2019 - Miami, Florida
2018 - Rome, Italy
2017 - Miami, Florida
2016 - Brussels, Belgium
2015 - Miami, Florida
2014 - Brussels, Belgium
2013 - Phoenix, Arizona