Deep Dive: Technology Tools to Enhance Fleet Productivity - 4 Sessions

June 04
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Fleet productivity and technology implementation are perennial concerns that impacts multinational fleets of all segments and sizes across the globe. How productive a company fleet is will help measure out how cost-effective its overall operations are, something closely watched by upper management. Fleet industry professionals in this session will analyze the ins and outs of what make a fleet productive, and also identify the elements of its operations that are holding it back from being as successful as it can be, which attendees can immediately apply to their operations.

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Concerto Ballroom A

3:30pm-3:50pm: Transformative EV Solutions for Your Fleet
Wondering how to realize an effective EV strategy for your fleet? This session will get you thinking critically and acting practically.
PRESENTERS: Megan Allen, EV Solutions Engineering Manager at Geotab; and an Amazon Representative

3:50pm-4:10pm: Telematics: The Opportunities You Didn't Know About
This session will identify several ways Big Data and developing artificial intelligence can improve your international fleet program.
PRESENTERS: Sabina Martin, Solutions Engineer, Team Lead for Geotab; and David Escoba, CEO of Navisaf SAS in Colombia

4:10pm-5:00pm: Right-Sizing Your International Telematics Solution: Regional Considerations and Successes
Learn what is happening with connected solutions at the regional leve and ask your questions. 
MODERATOR: Stephanie Voelker, Vice President, Channel Sales, North America for Geotab
PANELISTS: Fabio Saiu, Geotab Europe; Colin Sutherland, Geotab Asia-Pacific; Eduardo Granda, Geotab Latin America; and Sabina Martin, Geotab South Africa

5:00pm-5:20pm: Connected Car Technology of the Future (Interactive Discussion)
More and more your vehicles come loaded with telematics capabilities. Let’s talk disruption, change predictions, future fleet strategies, and what role telematics companies will play.
MODERATOR: Sherry Calkins, Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners, Geotab
PANELISTS: Chris Moysen, Splend; Oscar Hoyos, ABInBev; Andy Leeden, AstraZeneca; Bob Zimmer, PepsiCo; and John Dmochowsky, Mondelez

5:20pm – 5:30pm: Closing Comments from Colin Sutherland.